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SourcifyChina is a renowned China-based industrial mixer and blender manufacturer that specializes in producing high-quality vacuum homogenizer mixers, vacuum emulsifying mixers, vacuum emulsifier mixers, high shear mixers, and other vacuum mixers.

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SourcifyChina is an industry-leading manufacturer of mixers and blenders based in China, with a strong focus on achieving complete customer satisfaction.

We are dedicated to enhancing all facets of our daily operations. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to producing mixers that meet the highest quality standards, while providing exemplary customer service.

With a global customer base spanning industries such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals, SourcifyChina has emerged as a leading manufacturer in industrial mixing and blending. Our success is rooted in the unwavering professionalism and commitment we extend to satisfy the unique requirements of every customer. From supplying standard mixer machines to tailoring bespoke equipment, we prioritize quality above all. Leveraging our extensive expertise, knowledge, and dedication to enhancing mixing processes, we are equipped to address our customers’ present and future needs. Specializing in vacuum mixers, emulsifying machines, and high shear mixers, we pride ourselves on being true experts in this field. Our industrial mixers and blenders are recognized for their high quality across markets worldwide, and we hold multiple certifications issued by the government and professional third parties.

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Our focus is on maintaining the highest standards in all areas of our daily operations. What sets us apart from the competition is not only our commitment to manufacturing top-quality mixers but also our dedication to providing every customer with exceptional service.

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With 16 years of experience in manufacturing industrial mixers, SourcifyChina is a professional and dedicated mixer manufacturer. Compared with other leading brands, such as Ross, IKA, and Ekato, our years in operation are relatively short. 

However, considering that the first Chinese-made vacuum emulsifying mixer was developed only in the early 1990s, our growth and progress are remarkable. Despite our success, we have remained focused on producing the best mixers possible. 

While we sell filling machines, water treatment equipment, and water chillers, our core mission remains the same: to be the top mixer manufacturer in the industry.

Professional Certifications

SourcifyChina boasts 16 years of professional experience in the manufacturing of industrial mixers. Compared to Ross, IKA, or Ekato, our timeline may seem short-lived. 

However, the growth of China’s mixer industry is monumental, considering that the first Chinese-made vacuum emulsifying mixer was developed in the early 1990s. For this industry and our country, 16 years is commendable. 

When we began producing industrial mixers, we committed to becoming a singular, dedicated mixer manufacturer. It is impossible to excel at making mixers, filling and packing machines simultaneously. Our objective is to solely produce the best mixers possible. Naturally, we offer filling machines, water treatment equipment, and water chillers, among others, for customers who prefer to purchase the entire production line under one supplier.

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We offer a vast array of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, such as cutting and folding machines, lathe machines, drilling machines, thread cutting machines, and polishing machines.

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SourcifyChina is one of the best China-based industrial mixer and blender manufacturers and concentrates on 100% customer satisfaction.

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