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SourcifyChina Cable is among the top 10 cable manufacturers globally. As a specialist in custom cable manufacturing, we offer tailored solutions designed and produced according to your specifications.

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Established in 1993, SourcifyChina Cables and Wires Co., Ltd boasts a rich history in the industry. As a global frontrunner in the wire and cable sector, SourcifyChina Cable Co., Ltd houses an exceptional team equipped with world-class technology and equipment. SourcifyChina Cable’s wire and cable production sets a standard of excellence, establishing dominance in the global wire and cable industry.

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Sourcify Cable Offers Optimal Cable Solutions

Sourcify Cable assists in selecting ideal cable sizes for your project. We furnish detailed data sheets, cable drawings, and accurate quotations.

Prices are updated promptly, with timely notifications for optimal purchase timing. From order placement to shipment, we ensure constant communication and order status updates. With most cables readily available in stock, there’s no need to fret over minimum order quantities; even one meter is offered at factory prices.

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